Past Conferences

15th ICMPC - Graz, Austria; Montreal, Canada; La Plata, Argentina; Sydney, Australia; 23-28 July 2018
Organizers: Richard Parncutt, Sabrina Sattmann, Christine Beckett, Eldad Tsabury, Isabel Martinez, Emery Schubert
Sponsored by ESCOM, Sempre, Land Steiermark, Uni Graz and others

14th ICMPC - San Francisco, CA, USA, 5-9th July, 2016
Organizer: Theodore Zanto
Sponsored by SMPC, NSF, SEMPRE, EuroMov, UC MERCI.

13th ICMPC - Yonsei University, Seoul, 4-8th August, 2014
Organizer: Moo Kyoung Song
Sponsored by Yonsei University, Korean Society for Music Theory (KSMT), and Korean Society for Music Perception and Cognition (KSMPC).

12th ICMPC - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, July 23-28 2012
Organizer: Emilios Cambouropoulos
Sponsored by ESCOM

11th ICMPC - The University of Washington School of Music (Seattle), August 23-27 2010
Organizer: Steven M. Demorest
Email: icmpc11<at>
Sponsored by Sempre and SMPC

10th ICMPC - Hokkaido Univeristy, Sapporo (Japan), August 25-29 2008
Organizer: Mayumi Adachi; Co-organizers: Yoshitaka Nakajima, Yuzuru Hiraga
Email: m.adachi <at>
Host organization: JSMPC (English Website; Japanese Website
Proceedings: Edited by Ken'ichi Miyazaki, Mayumi Adachi, Yuzuru Hiraga, Yoshitaka Nakajima and Minoru Tsuzaki. Prepared by Causal Productions and published by ICMPC10. ISBN 9784990420802. (published as a CD-ROM)
Website (archive):

9th ICMPC - University of Bologna (Italy), August 22-26 2006
Organizers: Professor Mario Baroni, Anna Rita Addessi, Roberto Caterina, Marco Costa
Email: info<at>
Host organization: ESCOM
Closing date for submissions: 31 December 2005

8th ICMPC - Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (Chicago,USA), August 3-7, 2004
Director: Scott Lipscomb; Co-directors: Richard Ashley, Robert Gjerdingen, Peter Webster
Email: lipscomb<at>
Host organization: SMPC

(Previous plan to hold this conference in Buenos Aires have, regretfully, had to be cancelled in respect of the current economic and political situation in Argentina. SACCOM expresses the sincerest regret for necessitating this change of venue, which has occurred for reasons outside its control).

7th ICMPC - The University of New South Wales, Sydney, July 17-21, 2002
Organizer: Dr Kate Stevens
Email: kj.stevens<at>
Host organization: The Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (APSCOM)
Proceedings: Edited by Catherine Stevens, Denis Burnham, Gary McPherson, Emery Schubert and James Renwick. Published by AMPS and Causal Productions. ISBN 1876346396. (published as a CD-ROM only. Still available for sale from the conference website.

6th ICMPC - Keele University, Staffordshire, England. 5-10 August, 2000
Organizers: Professor John Sloboda and Dr Susan O'Neill
Email: j.a.sloboda<at>
Host organization: European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM)
Proceedings: Edited by Chris Woods, Geoff Luck, Renaud Brochard, Fred Seddon, and John Sloboda. Published by the Psychology Department, Keele University. ISBN 0-9539909-0-7. (published as a CD-ROM only. Still available for sale)

5th ICMPC - Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea. 26-30 August, 1998"
Organizer: Professor Suk Won Yi
Email: sukwon<at>
Host organization: Western Music Research Institute, Seoul National University
Proceedings: Edited by Suk Won Yi. Published by the Western Music Research Institute, Seoul National University.(out of print). A selection of full papers was published as a book: Music, Mind, and Science, Suk Won Yi (Ed.), Seoul National University Press, 1999 (ISBN 89-521-0074-3; still available for sale).

4th ICMPC - McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 11-15 August, 1996
Organizers: Professors Bruce Pennycook and Eugenia Costa-Giomi
Email: costa<at>
Host organization: Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC)
Proceedings: Edited by Bruce Pennycook and Eugenia Costa-Giomi. Published by the Faculty of Music, McGill University, Montreal. ISBN 0-7717-0484-4 (in both printed and CD-ROM formats)

3rd ICMPC - University of Liege, Belgium. 23-27 July, 1994
Organizer: Dr Irène Deliège
Email: irene.deliege<at>
Host organization: European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM)
Proceedings: Edited by Irène Deliège. Published by ESCOM. Centre de Recherche et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie, Liège. ISBN 2-930104-00-7. (out of print)

2nd ICMPC - University of California at Los Angeles, 22-26 February, 1992
President: Diana Deutsch
Organizer, Organizing Committee: Edward C. Carterette
Organizer, Program Committee: William Thomson
ICMPC Secretariat: Roger A. Kendall
Email: kendall<at>
Host organization: Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC)
Proceedings: none published

1st ICMPC - Hotel Kyoto Eminence, Kyoto, Japan. 17-19 October 1989
Organizer: Professor Kengo Ohgushi
Email: ohgushi<at>
Host organization: Japanese Society for Music Perception and Cognition (JSMPC) (English Website / Japanese Website)
Proceedings: published from the Kyoto City University of Arts (out of print)